MINI-MANAGEMENT SERVICES® introduces an AFFORDABLE Property Management Program...

”SELF STORAGE SUPPORT”™  This is a program designed to help the smaller owner SAVE MONEY!

This program is designed  for the smaller owner who needs the input and help that a full service management company can provide, but can’t afford the high monthly fee of a full service management company.  Self Storage Support™ is an affordable Consulting Program consisting of:

Telephone support by Mini-Management Services staff, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm, EST to Client or Clients facility employees, 240 to 390 minutes per month, depending upon number of units.  Employee or management questions? Help designing annual budgets? Lien sale questions? Marketing programs or???  We can HELP!

Monthly Inspection of EOM (End Of Month) Reports with access to facility computer software to access needed reports.  If findings are irregular or out of the norm, Mini-Management Services will consult with owner regarding irregularities.

25% discount on the following services provided by Mini-Management Services:

Management Placement, Audits and Inspections, Training, Seminars and Due Diligence Inspections

This affordable program consists of:

Telephone support for you and your managers*

Site Evaluation every 3-4 months*

25% Discount on other services provided by Mini-Management Services

Contact us today at 844-MINIMGT (646-4648) to learn more about this affordable program!