DON’T buy a storage facility without a Due Diligence Inspection !

By hiring an independent consulting firm that has no emotional or financial ties to the investment, you can get a clearer picture of the facility that you are considering buying.

Some of the things our inspectors look for are the following:

Non-Standard Rates, Space Deletions, Tenant Files, Discounting, Credit Transfers, Zero Rentals, Concurrent Books, Pre-Paid Rents, Mystery Units, Secret Tenants, Rental Rates, Auction Units, Physical Maintenance and Apartment Inspection if applicable.

Within days of completing our Due Diligent Audit and Inspection, you will be given a written report of our findings. Only then can you decide if you should proceed with the purchase of the facility. Be sure to include a Due Diligent Audit and Inspection into your purchase offer!

Mini-Management® Services has conducted Due Diligence Inspections Nationwide! Call us today for more information on our Due Diligence Inspections and any of the other services we offer!  844-MINIMGT (646-4648)