Our Approach

Mini-Management® Services is the first and only company in the self-storage industry to conceive and formulate a professional, confidential manager job placement service; placing facility, area, district and regional managers in jobs nationwide.  Mini-Management® Services has been placing facility managers in jobs for private owners as well as major National corporations since 1991 and has had thousands of successful self storage job placements Nationwide.

Pamela Alton, founder and CEO of Mini-Management® Services has been a featured speaker and round table monitor at many of the industry’s national conventions and trade shows.  She has also conducted one and two day owner and manager seminars privately and with other well known and respected consultants in the industry.  She has authored and co-authored several manuals available and used today in the self-storage industry and has written many articles published in the self-storage national magazines.

Mini-Management® Services has performed 100+ Feasibility and Market Studies nationwide.   We have consulted with many individuals and corporations in the development of self-storage projects.  As the old saying in construction goes...measure twice, cut once...Bringing on Mini-Management® Services during the planning and constructing phases as a consultant can save you thousands of dollars in costly design and construction mistakes!

Mini-Management® Services has operated self-storage facilities in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.   We are operations specialists and offers our management expertise to individual owners, management companies and facility managers through our 2 or 3 day onsite training programs.  Managers learn the secrets of successful telephone techniques to setting the appointments and closing the callers!  Owners are taught how to manage and conduct their own audits and inspections and how to avoid management thefts.

Through Mini-Management® Services proven management techniques, managers and facilities under our supervision have received recognized industry awards such as Manager of the Month, Manager of the Year, Best Marketing Managers of the Year and Best Customer Service Manager of the Year and Facility of the Year.



Our Story