Mini-Management® Services offers facility Audits and Inspections Nationwide.  We can also train you how to conduct your own audits and inspections to detect manager theft and fraud!

Some of the items covered during our Audit and Inspections are:

Administrative Operations Audit:

Daily Transactions, Reversals, Alterations, Promos, Leases, Move-outs
Lien Sales Files, Delinquencies, Inventory, Mystery Tenants/Units,
Credit Transfers, Skimming, Conversions and more!

Facility Grounds/Office

Unit Inventory, Vacant, Delinquent, Over Locked, Foreclosure, Internal Cleanliness, Office/Apartment, External Maintenance, Grounds, Gates/Signs and more!

To schedule your facility Operational Audit and Inspection, call us today at: 844-MINIMGT (646-4648)