Due diligence inspections

DON’T buy a storage facility without a Due Diligence Inspection First!

By hiring an independent consulting firm that has no emotional or financial ties to the investment, you can get a clearer picture of the facility that you are considering buying.


Mini-Management® Services has conducted Due Diligence Inspections Nationwide!

Some of the things our inspectors look for are the following:

R Non-Standard Rates

R Space Deletions

R Tenant Files

R Discounting

R Credit Transfers

R Zero Rentals


Within days of completing our Due Diligent Audit and Inspection, you will be given a written report of our

findings.  Only then can you decide if you should proceed with the purchase of the facility.  Be sure to

include a Due Diligent Audit and Inspection into your purchase offer!  Contact us today to book your Audit and

Inspection or to find out more about the services Mini-Management® Services offers!

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R Concurrent Books

R Pre-Paid Rents

R Mystery Units

R Secret Tenants

R Rental Rates

R Auction Units

R Physical/Maintenance

         & Apartment Inspection